~ Richard Lawrence Belford ~

Inspirational Author

Richard Lawrence Belford is a well-published Inspirational Writer whose favorite poem is Footprints. He loves how it’s meaningful last line makes him feel, no matter how many times he, reads it.

He never considered writing that seriously until about twenty years ago. It was then that his mother approached his father, brothers and him about an article she had read. In it, a family had decided that during a one-year period they were all going to write a personal memento about how they felt about one another for their respective birthdays. His mother thought that they should do the same thing, claiming they would make wonderful keepsakes. She was right.

They were all horrified, "imagine grown men writing down their feelings!" Nevertheless, they all set to work. It was surprising to Richard how freely the words seem to flow onto the page. Not surprisingly, what he wrote always seemed to end with a meaningful last line.

After that first year past, he started to write more frequently being particularly inspired by others near and dear to his heart. Unfortunately, that not only meant writing on happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but through tragedies as well.

Although it was gratifying when family and friends thought his writing good, he needed to know what others thought and it did not take long to find out, as hundreds of rejection letters would attest. He continued undaunted honing his craft, believing that inspirational writing was becoming more popular than ever and always sending out three more submissions for every rejection received.

On his motivation to write Richard says: “We all have experiences in life, mine have been neither more extraordinary nor less engaging than anyone else’s, but have involved universally heartfelt sentiments, I feel should be shared, He also feels:

 “A good verse or sentiment is born from true emotion and are like songs for those of us who cannot sing™.”

It is to this end that he continued submitting his writing for publication having met with some very modest success with his parables being published by:

  • The Canadian Writer's Journal, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
  • Faith Writers, Daily Devotional, Faithwriters.com, Traverse City, Michigan, United States
  • Penned From The Heart, Son-Rise Publications, New Wilmington Pennsylvania, United States
  • Mountain Wings, Mountain Wings.com, Atlanta Georgia, United States
  • Poetic Hours, of the Dreamland's Poetry Group, Erran Publishing, Nottingham, England
  • Spirituality For Today, Clemons Productions Inc., Greenwich Connecticut, United States
  • The Sweeney Alliance, Journeys Through Grief Newsletters, Kerrville, Texas, United States

Richard then began to illustrate his writing with his photography, feeling that illustration would not only help broaden it’s appeal, but also that of the image used and first had his inspirational illustrations featured in the May 2007 issue of England’s Max Publishing’s Progressive Greetings Magazine.

He has also had his writing published in the September 2010, January 2011, July 2011 & June 2012 issues of the United Kingdom's largest circulation funeral magazine, Mulberry Publication's Funeral Service Times. His inspirational illustrations have also been published by the following:

  • Funeral Home & Cemetery News, Nomis Publications Inc., Youngstown, Ohio, United States
  • Funeral Business Advisor, Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Funerals Today Magazine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Funeral Service Journal, Worthing, West Sussex, England

One of his poems “A Mother’s Work Is Never Done” was sent to The Duke of Cambridge Prince William, prior to his 2011 Canadian Royal Tour that visited Richard’s home town of Ottawa, Ontario and marked the country’s 144th birthday on July 1st. The very day his late mother Diana would have celebrated her 50th birthday. A letter returned from St James Palace said that Prince William was deeply touched by Richard’s words of support & encouragement and included His Royal Highness’s warmest thanks & heartfelt best wishes.

He was then published in the August 2011 issue of the United Kingdom's highest circulation business magazine for publishers,     suppliers, buyers and retailers of greetings cards, Lema Publishing's Greetings Today Magazinewhere he was not only fortunate enough to have" A Mother's Work is Never Done" and the letter from Prince William referenced, but also had his insights regarding inspirational writing quoted throughout their feature article entitled; “An Eloquent Send” on verse, sentiment and sympathy. 

Richard would eventually like to have his inspirational writings serve the bereavement market by providing fresh choices to funeral stationery & memorial products, choices that cast a much more hopeful, encouraging and celebratory light, not on a person’s death, but on their life.  

He would also like to have his inspirational illustrations published, as open edition canvas prints, wall plaques and bookmarks, similar to the successful way in which the Footprints poem has been. In fact, Richard's writing is now offered on a product line of 8.5” X 11” and 11” X 14” inspirational wall decor designed by Reed Photo Art & Imaging Inc of Denver, Colorado. 

Whatever else happens, he will always remember the way he felt when seeing his name in print for the first time and it never changes, no matter how many times, he reads it.

Richard is the father of two daughters and the eldest of three sons who grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He can be contacted at: info@richardlawrencebelford.ca for further information.